By showing clients from around the world how to work smarter and more strategically, I inspire and encourages them to step out of overwhelm and into action. I excel at simplifying complex goals, turning them into manageable steps.

My background in the Canadian military has served as a solid foundation for my career as a coach. I am highly skilled in strategic planning, leadership development, time management, systems creation and team development. Over the years, my corporate experience and determination to succeed have helped me understand and recognize what it takes to grow a dynamic, thriving business.

Now, as CEO of Business Innovation Group, Peter taps into his diverse skill-set to guide his clients towards building and managing their own successful businesses. His most prized values are integrity and honesty, so he doesn’t tell his clients what they want to hear, but instead what they need to hear. Peter is also the creator of Xceptional Productivity, an elective course as part of the Entrepreneurship Certificate Program offered by Grande Prairie Regional College.

Beyond business, Peter appreciates being involved in his community through volunteering his time to non-profit organizations, enjoying a great book, and connecting with people.


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